When the woman screamed, the snake went back down the pipe and remained there while firefighters busted into lower floor pipes in order to nab the slinky toilet dweller. Now the python was apprehended between the first and second floor pipes and has been given a decent home since it wasnt his fault he ended up in the sewer system. He had previously tried to buy a GPS but the store clerks had all run from him before he could get to the checkout..

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Blowing your nose at regular intervals helps in treating throat mucus. Clearing the nasal passage is a sure way to expel phlegm and prevent it from accumulating in the respiratory tract. Hence, indulge in the habit of blowing your nose, if you suffer from this condition, instead of sniffing it back in every few minutes.

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When the reference category was not the lowest category (because, for example, of power issues) we excluded the categories below the reference category for the linear dose response analysis to model the association between higher BMI and mortality. The mean or median BMI level in each category was assigned to the corresponding relative risk for each study, and for studies that reported the exposures in ranges we used the midpoint of the upper and the lower cut off point. When upper and lower categories were open ended or had extreme upper or lower values, we used the width of the adjacent category to calculate an upper or lower bound.

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Magnesium, which is an important electrolyte that helps in regulating nerve signals in our body, is present in this miracle worker. Fill a bath tub with hot water and add half a cup with Epsom salt and soak the affected hand or leg for 15 minutes to reduce pain, swelling, inflammation and also works as a natural relaxant. Repeating this 2 3 times a week is sure to reduce pain and increase the flexibility of hands and legs to perform routine tasks with normal strength.