The timing appears right for upscale sunglasses. Sales nationally slipped for the second consecutive year in 1991 to 218 million pairs, down 3% from 225 million in 1989. But the value of the retail sales was at an all time high of $1.75 billion last year, up 2% from $1.72 billion in 1989, according to the Sunglass Assn.

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Ignatius; Devon Stover, Cleve. St. Ignatius; Isaiah Barba, Cleve. As described above, implementation will often vary from one context to another. However, an intervention may have different effects in different contexts even if its implementation does not vary.16 Complex interventions work by introducing mechanisms that are sufficiently suited to their context to produce change,17 while causes of problems targeted by interventions may differ from one context to another. Understanding context is therefore critical in interpreting the findings of a specific evaluation and generalising beyond it.

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She looks slightly pained, perhaps because her own upbringing was so lacking in love. Adored my mother but it wasn reciprocated. She was too busy with her own life. Gallatin County police announced the charges late Wednesday after the Guardian published the recording. On Thursday, as three major newspapers pulled their endorsements of the technology entrepreneur and some early voters sought in vain to change their ballots, GOP leaders urged Gianforte to apologize in an attempt to control the damage. ‘There is no time where a physical altercation should occur,’ House Speaker Paul D.

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