Before long Rodin’s Luxury Face Oil became one of those insider tips, discriminately shared around the industry. Until she finally found a factory in New Jersey to do it for her, she was mixing up 4 500 bottles every weekend. Within months, facial oils became all the rage, although few smell as good as Rodin’s..

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Outstanding showing of individual accolades, in addition to 2 state championships, for the HoCo players. Not only the MOP in Robinson, but 3 of the top 6 players in the tournament (Keily ’16 OM, White ’15 Centennial, both 1st team all tournament), and 5 of the 11 (Ndiaye ’15 OM, Strothers ’15 Centennial) on the 1st and 2nd teams. Funny thing is, this list doesn’t include another HoCo player, one who couldn’t be nominated, Charlie Thomas (River Hill Wisconsin), as he was eliminated at the buzzer by the eventual state champion Eagles in the regional final.

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