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The interactions of chemokine receptors with both chemokines and pathogen proteins are enhanced by post translational sulfation of critical tyrosine residues located in the extracellular amino terminal regions of the receptors. However, detailed molecular studies of the influence of sulfation have been limited to date by the integral membrane nature of the receptors as well as the difficulty obtaining homogeneously sulfated proteins. In collaboration with peptide chemistry labs, we can now obtain homogeneously sulfated peptides and we are using these to investigate the role of sulfation in controlling the binding of chemokine receptors to chemokines.

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The eyelids, or palpebrae, have some of the thinnest skin of the body and serve to protect the eyes. The eyelashes also protect the eyes from sweat, dust and debris. Secretions such as tears keep the eyes moist. How did it come to this, how did people become so complacent and so uninvolved in their own government that they allowed them to violate their privacy to this extent? Many people say “well it was because of 911, we gotta stop the terrorists”. But if that the case, then don’t you think the so called “terrorists” would just come up with another way to get around such measures. I mean the supposed 911 hijackers took down 4 planes with box cutters, ok box cutters.

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