He was born on March 23, 1947, in Easton, PA. He was born to Brucine (Barnes) Berry and Weaver Berry, Sr. He joined Shiloh Baptist Church, Hartford, at an early age and attended Hartford public schools. “TV and the NFL have destroyed the Canadian Football League,” Mr. Fotheringham declares. “Our three biggest cities, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, lust to get into the NFL, and the smaller ones Hamilton, Regina don’t have enough of a TV market to get into the NFL, so they have CFL teams.”.

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Betting company William Hill became the victim of a rating downgrade. Shares in the FTSE 250 shed 7.1pc to 272.5p after Investec slashed its rating to “reduce” from “add” and cut its target price to 286p form 404p. Alistair Ross, of Investec, cautioned that internal issues, technology risk and regulatory headwinds combine to create “a bleak outlook”.

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